Your Personal Shopper

Meet Angie, the face behind Sisters Thrift Boutique

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE- Unique Surrey thrift boutique on the move 2015-08-17 16-34-22

There’s nothing like taking a friend shopping, spending time browsing, trying on clothes, bouncing around ideas and getting some fun and serious input into what works for ‘me’.

Angie tells it like it is. She’s not going to squeeze me into a pair of pants that have a great brand name and an excellent price tag if they don’t have my name written all over them! C.

Your Sisters Personal Shopper is like that friend who’ll tell you when your bum looks big in these jeans or the stripes on a sweater don’t work or the colour of a jacket washes you out. She’ll also help you find what you’re looking for when you don’t have the time to shop for yourself. Use Sisters Personal Shopper services to save you time and hassle, by letting us do your browsing for you. Email for details or to book your appointment in the Sisters Secret Closet.



2 thoughts on “Your Personal Shopper

  1. Hi!
    Tony was telling me about the personal shopper service and I think it’s a great idea. I shop thrift stores such as Value Village, Salvation Army, etc. and I’m mostly interested in jeans, blouses, tops and jackets. My taste in clothing runs similar to MaryAnne’s if that helps 😉 You know, solid blacks, browns, earthy colors.
    My sizes are: Size 7 in jeans (worn look, slim fit and or boot cut); Size Small/Medium Tops/Jackets. I look forward to seeing what you might have in store!
    Thanks in advance,

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